Deal boards

The video explanation about deals board functionality is here -

SanityDesk deal board was designed specifically for you to track the potential customers in the pipeline. Just by a few clicks, you can automate the deal creation & deal movements so you get a full dashboard of everyone going through your sales process right now.

Here’s how it would look like once set up:

To start with, we recommend creating a universal deal board called “Quiz leads” or “Free Call Leads”. It will ease the initial automation process. As your business grows, you will create deals boards per every product and automate the deal creation there based on the users actions in the system.

To get fully ready for a set up, please map out how your sales process looks like/will look like once you launch your business.

Here are the stages we recommend to start off with:

  1. Contact details received

  2. Results video watched (if you are integrating Wistia - if you aren’t, you can skip this step)

  3. Call booked

  4. Call completed

  5. Offer sent

  6. Client

  7. Lost


This is the simplest and the easiest way to create the automated flow for the free call leads. We can automate the first 3 stages here, as the system won’t be able to automatically track the result of the call with the client.

The stages might be different depending on your business, the type of funnel you are building the interactions you have with your leads/customers. For example, if you are offering some lead magnet after the quiz, the interim stage might be ‘downloaded the lead magnet’ or ‘watched the bonus video’ etc.

Next, there’s a set up of the labels in the deals board - we give you the full freedom here :) You can leave the default labels - cold, warm, hot. We can set the automation which will show the ‘contact details received’ stage leads as cold, and the system will ‘warm them up’ as they move down the pipeline.

Okay, the easiest part is done :)

Next, we need to create the products for the deal board, so the system could assign a product to a lead.

The products are created in ‘Marketing’ module -> Products. No worries - if you are sticking to the Free Call funnel, this product will be used for the system only.

After this is done, the funniest part begins - setting up an automation :)

Go to Workflows and create one with the ‘quiz submitted’ as a trigger.

‘Create deal’ would be the action triggered by the quiz submission.

You can just scrap copy the settings from the screenshot:

  1. The name of the deal is the name of the person interested - so, we use the user shortcodes to make system reflect the actual user information. More about user keys here:

  2. If you don’t know how much money the person is willing to spend, 100 is always a good default number ;)

  3. The lead only begins their journey, so the stage ‘contact details received’ is just right for us.

  4. People who just heard about you in their ads need to be educated - so we are setting up a ‘cold’ label. It means you’ll have to warm them up with some educational content or emails.

Yay, you’re done with the first workflow!

Then, let’s learn how to move the deals between the stages automatically.

To make it happen for the ‘call booked’ stage, first thing you need to do is create a meeting in your calendar (SanityDesk Calendar, Calendly, ScheduleOnce - really does not matter). The meeting should have a SanityDesk thank you page link - which is a page with literally one paragraph for user. Get some inspiration from our Thank You pages :)

This is how the system can track that the booking happened.

Now, when you have such page on SD, time to create another workflow - with the trigger ‘page visited’. The action is ‘update deal’.

If you are sticking to the standard set up, follow the screenshot:

Brief explanation: the deal update is condition based, meaning that you choose the previous state of the deal that will be updated; so, the old stage of our deal was ‘contact details received’. So, the deal will update if the previous stage was ‘contact details received’. Now, we need to choose what exactly will update in the deal - I chose to change the stage to ‘Call booked’ and label to ‘Warm’.

If you’re still with us, you’re awesome! Your first deal board is set up <3

To summarize, here’s a checklist for things to do to automate your deal board:

  • Create a deal board with the stages and labels fir for your business

  • Create a product to get assigned to each deal

  • Create a workflow ‘deal created’ with Trigger ‘quiz submitted’ and action ‘create a deal’

  • Create a meeting in your scheduling software.

  • Create a thank you page in SanityDesk and attach it to your meeting.

  • Create a workflow ‘deal moved (call booked)’ with Trigger ‘visited page’ and action ‘update deal’.

Client Desks

Time to deliver to your clients.

For those who prefer videos - it’s here:

This option will be especially useful for marketers who want to keep their client communication organized.

The universal piece of advice: connect your inbox to SanityDesk (settings -> user settings -> integrations -> log in to your account -> go back to ‘inbox settings -> create an inbox)

As a business owner and a marketer, you want to deal with all your clients in one place.

If you have different types of offers, you might want to create client desks.

As of now, we recommend using the default Support desk - you can adjust statuses as to your liking or leave it as it is ‘requested, in progress, awaiting feedback, solved’.

Each of your ‘to-do’ with a client can turn into the support ticket - and if you tick the checkbox ‘notify the client about the ticket’ they will receive an email.

! Important ! Your clients need to have a free account in SanityDesk in order to receive email notifications from us. Law regulations prevent the system from sending emails (even notifications!) to people who have not opted in.

Most of the tickets in Client desks would be created manually by you - as each client is individual and tasks for them would be individual as well.

Your tasks are treated as tickets - you can drop one in a matter of a few clicks:

You can also create a help ticket from the email (to finally get everything in one place - and stop losing the requests in the endless inbox)

Here’s how our Customer Success Managers client desk looks like:

That’s how we stay organized and manage 200+ paid clients on Max subscription.

You can also trigger the ticket creation in client desk if, let’s say, your clients buy some product (maybe ticket to the workshop?) through our checkouts. The logic of the workflow would be the same - Choose the event that would trigger the action of creating the support ticket.

Team Desks

Here’s the video on the Team Desks set up -

The team desks is a place for the internal team communication or your personal tasks - meaning, no one from the outside will be able to access the tasks (tickets) you drop in there.

We prefer to use the team desks as ‘to-do’ parts for different departments. For example, our Success Team has their own desk as well as a Finance team, Sales team, Marketing team.

Anything that’s supposed to stay private stays in Team desks ;)

If you are a solopreneur, we’d recommend starting with one general desk for your tasks - and when your business grows, there will be different desks for different departments.

Now, when you know how to set up your deal board, Client desk and Team desk, you are fully set up to handle your leads.

Good luck!

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