SanityDesk offers you a great opportunity of managing all your business tasks and communication with clients effectively.

SanityDesk support options

SanityDesk Support Module includes a variety of functional and useful features. There are three main modules on your SanityDesk dashboard: Open Support, Open Marketing, and Visit your Website.

Open Support module includes the following sections: Calendar, Sales Pipeline, Team Communication and Client Communication tools.

Open Support module

When you click Open Support you will see all your tickets and deals assigned to you and updates on them. The tickets include all the tasks you have created or you engage with. You will also be able to track the progress on your tasks easily and effectively as you can see all the follow-up activities on the task within a single ticket.

Calendar option

You don’t need to use any calendar apps with SanityDesk as your ticket desk has a Calendar where you can schedule your tasks.

Creating client desks

In the Support module you will also find Client Desks. They are used for effective communication between the business owner and the client. For example, you will be able to see when your client sends a help request and address it with a follow-up message.

We can also set up a Contact us Request client desk for your business. When your customer submits a form to contact you, you will see their request in your client desk. You can provide a follow-up reply to the customer in this ticket where you will also see the whole history of your messaging.

SanityDesk saves time for using other services, such as Google Workspace or Outlook. All your communication with the client will be tracked in the Client Desk.

Team desk for effective communication

There is also a Team Desk that is a team communication tool. We offer you to have different team desks for teams with different tasks. For example, each team will have a separate desk for their tasks. There is one for a Sales team, Finance and Marketing team and you can create more for other teams. All the tasks related to the specific department will be tracked under the respective desk. This will help your team to collaborate more effectively and work more productively.

Deal boards to boost your sales

Then there is Deals Boards that enables you to track your deals with leads and keep the records of your communication. This will help your sales team to stay on track with lead nurturing and your deals with them.

Contacts list

In the Open Support module, you will find the Contacts section. Those are your leads or clients with whom you can communicate. You can fill out the Contacts list manually or import contacts via a CSV file.

Customized settings

The final section is Settings. Here you can set up or edit the following:

  • Calendar, where you can add and manage multiple calendars for different team members

  • Team and Client desks, where you can also manage them (edit, organize or delete)

  • Email Inbox set-up, where you can connect your Google or Outlook inbox

  • Team members, where you can manage the role of each team member in your workspace

  • Notifications, where you can choose which notifications you'd like to receive via email

Additionally, in the Settings section you will be able to manage your integrations and connected accounts.

Call feature

One more unique feature of SanityDesk is that you can make calls straight from the platform. Therefore, you won’t need to use any additional apps or programs to talk to your team or your clients.

The top toolbar

In the top toolbar, there are notifications, deal updates, and messages if you’ve connected your Inbox. There is also a Help button you can use if you need guidance or assistance with using SanityDesk.

You can also watch our video of Support Module Overview and contact us if you have any questions.

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