Open Marketing is the essential part of the Dashboard. After clicking on it and logging in, you get access to all the features needed to create your first website/funnel.

  • Dashboard provides you with the details about your last activities, including added users, workflow triggered, etc., and system info and statistics.

  • Page builder is a part of website builder, where you can create, check and update all the pages.

  • Course builder is an area where you can upload all your courses and track members who join it. (FREE plan doesn't consist this tool)

  • Site tools allows you to create forms, quizzes, timers, etc.

  • Contacts shows all the details about users and properties from your system.

  • Emails controls the whole process of email campaigns and workflows.

  • Media keeps all the images and videos you use on your website.

  • Shop is a part where you can create your products and coupons.

  • Settings helps to set up the configuration details, such as

    • Connecting third-party apps

    • Setting up color schemes for the system

    • Connecting payment gateways

    • setting up global GDPR

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