The first thing to do while creating the website is getting into the Dashboard.

To do so, type in or access it in any convenient way for you. As far as you are here, you see the main workspace info of your website/funnel.

You can check the number of members, contacts and your current plan.

Also, there are two main chapters for you to access different features:

  • Open Support — your BackOffice, where you can make notes, communicate with your team and clients, track your leads.

  • Open Marketing — includes site, online course, email and workflow builder and user segmentation system.

Besides that, there are more features that will help you to optimize the whole process of using the Dashboard. By clicking on three dots in the upper right corner of Your workspace, you can find a list of them: See details, Site wizard, and Invite member, etc.

See details - there you can find useful data about your current plan, subscription price, date of the next payment, etc.

Manage team:

There you will see the list of your team members. You can Edit details about them, Block them or Remove from the workspace by clicking on three dots.

Edit details - there you can change:

  • the name and the photo of your Workspace (visible only for you and your team members)

  • domain settings

  • phone number (this data isn't required when you create the Workspace, but you can add it if you want to make calls to your clients by using SanityDesk Support).

Site wizard - here you can create the default website pages by using the system where you need to mention your products (read a separate article about it).

Invite member - allows you to invite your team members (people who will have an access to materials on pages, page builder, workflow automatisation, emails, etc.)

Change plan - by clicking there you will see the difference between plan packages, so you can move from one of them to the other. (upgrade the plan or downgrade it)

Change card - allows you to change the card from which payment for subscription is taken.

Visit website - you will have a chance to look at your funnel/website, that you've created with the help of SanityDesk, in a way other people see it when they visit it.

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