Stage 1: Basic building

  1. Using Site Wizarduild basic website pages

  2. Upload logo and color scheme

  3. Insert text/copy to Homepage, About, Services page

  4. Set header and footer block in block settings

  5. Build forms/quizzes

  6. Setup products and checkout pages for online products

  7. Create emails & connect them in a sequence

Stage 2: Setting up contact details & Legal documents

  • Business email

  • Phone number

  • Company's address

  • Social media links

  • Privacy policy page

  • Terms and Conditions page

  • Create a workflow to notify you about Contact form submission

Stage 3: Finalizing

  1. Register & Embed Calendly link

  2. Setup payment vendors (Stripe, PayPal)

  3. Setup Google Analytics (if applicable)

  4. Setup Favicon and Metadata (SEO) on group levels

  5. Metadata for separate pages (optional)

  6. Setup workflow for Contact form (for assigned team member or a workspace owners to receive email notifications)

  7. Setup workflow for Deal creation

  8. Make sure Cookie Policy Agreement and GDPR are on (system settings)

  9. Connect domain

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